August 21, 2019

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Common Cruise Ship Dangers

Vacations are supposed to be a joyful time filled with excitement, relaxation, and memory making with family and friends. Many people save their whole life for an extravagant vacation, and millions of people choose a luxury cruise to be that … [Read more...]

Are DUI Arrests Down in Major Cities Due to an Increase in Ride Sharing?

If you drink and drive, you may never make it back home. Unfortunately, many people still get behind the wheel after having too many drinks. Things are looking up, however, as major cities are noting a decline in DUI arrests. Could ride sharing be … [Read more...]

Florida Alcohol Laws

Alcohol laws vary from state to state, and the more you know about the laws in each state, the more law abiding you can be as you travel. Florida is certainly known as a tourist destination, so many people who find themselves in legal trouble in … [Read more...]

Florida Judge Rules Against a “Stand Your Ground” Law

Ever since Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida (and elsewhere) has become a major point of contention. More recently, Florida legislators shifted the burden of proof even further in the … [Read more...]

Car Accident Injuries – Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are commonly experienced by people involved in car accidents. The neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body and it can be subjected to significant stress and trauma during a car accident. Your neck is a reasonably flexible … [Read more...]

5 Warning Signs Shows that You Have Chosen the Wrong Elder Law Attorney

  Hiring the wrong attorney not only wastes your time, but it is a waste of money as well. If you’re elderly loved one is being abused, you need to hire an attorney versed in elder abuse laws. While it can be difficult to tell the good … [Read more...]

Class Action Lawsuit – What and How It is Distributed

A class action lawsuit is a type in which many plaintiffs simultaneously sue for similar injuries caused by a defendant. This group of people is known as the class: The defendant is responsible for the injuries of the class.   A group or a … [Read more...]

School Bus Safety Remains Major Concern for Legislators

Currently, only six states require that  school buses have seatbelts and/or shoulder restraints for their occupants. These six states are: California New York New Jersey Texas Louisiana Florida This is surprising, considering … [Read more...]